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Englert Forensic Consultants specializes in crime scene reconstruction, officer involved shootings, homicides, suspicious deaths, bloodstain pattern analysis, bullet trajectories, and ballistics in both civil and criminal proceedings. Led by Rod Englert, a 53-year veteran of law enforcement, our team of skilled professionals provides our clients with more than 130 years of combined experience and expert qualifications in 26 states. We have an extensive background in working with police departments, prosecutors, and defense attorneys across the country, and have consulted on a number of high profile and celebrity cases. We utilize state-of-the-art technology in DNA analysis, blood detection, and forensic photography, and can provide computerized animation as well as detailed illustrations to assist in crime scene reconstruction and analysis.

At Englert Forensic Consultants, we are committed to serving our clients with integrity and professionalism by providing them with in-depth knowledge and a broad range of high-quality services tailored to meet their needs as well as their budget.

“It was clear to us that your work both in the completed drone video, and in working with the deputies in our early morning visit to the Recycling Center was vital to our reaching this successful result.  It was extremely beneficial for the deputies to be able to revisit the actual scene and walk and talk through the situation with you.  This not only helped you with the drone video but paid off in each of the deputies’ respective deposition testimony.

It was a pleasure working with you on this assignment and I hope that we can have the opportunity to do so again.”

Douglas L. Day

Attorney, Harold G. Becks & Associates

BLOOD SECRETS” by Rod Englert

Blood Secrets by Rod Englert
Blood Secrets reveals how forensic experts read the story of a murder told in the traces of blood left behind, providing crucial evidence that has helped convict criminals who might have otherwise walked free. When Rod Englert began his career in law enforcement, virtually no police force in the world knew how to correctly examine blood spatter. He spent years studying and testing how blood behaves, pioneering a vital new tool that is now a part of any criminal investigation. In Blood Secrets he demonstrates how detectives and forensic experts use blood-spatter analysis to solve real cases. How can the police tell what type of murder weapon was used when the body is missing and all that’s left is a trace of gore? How can they tell if a victim was moved, or which person in a room fired the fatal shot? Englert lays out what he’s learned on a variety of intriguing cases, from puzzling murders in tiny, remote towns to the highest-profile celebrity trials–including O. J. Simpson, Robert Blake, and many others. Filled with fascinating details of forensic science and real-life CSI stories, Blood Secrets shows the techniques and tools used to decipher blood spatter’s code.

­“When I walk into a blood-soaked room with a dead person sprawled in the center,  it’s like opening a book and starting at the end. The crime scene is the last page.  I read that. And then slowly, carefully, often painstakingly, I work my way backward  through the chapters – who, when, where, and how – until at last I reach the first page and find out how the story began.”

Rod Englert

Owner, Englert Forensic Consultants

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